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Eicher Motors Ltd awards Kusalava 'Supplier of the Year' award for 2007 - 2008
Kusalava expands its product portfolio by introducing new products in locomotive and marine sectors
Kusalava migrates to SAP codenamed "Konnect"
Kusalava gets good response to NEMA show held in Houston
SAP going live on 6th feb..
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Kusalava International is one of the leading manufacturer of critical engine parts, supplying to major OEM’s in India, USA & Europe. Kusalava International also has a dominating presence in the After Market, its products are marketed under the brand name Tiger Power, and currently Tiger Power possesses a market share of 35% in India and 30% in USA.

Backed by a strong Research and Development team with over four decades of manufacturing excellence in engine critical parts, today Kusalava has emerged as the market leader for developing superior products at cost effective prices in the global market.

Headquartered at Vijayawada, India, Kusalava also has its offices in Houston, USA, Paris, France and Stuttgart, Germany to serve its global clients on a 24x7 basis.

Top quality "Made by Kusalava " always on the safe side     more ...

Top quality "Made by Kusalava " always on the safe side     more ...

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